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What socks should you wear if you get chilblains on the feet?

Chilblains are a condition characterized by red, itchy, and swollen skin caused by cold exposure. The best treatment is to use a good cream and use socks that keep the feet warm. When it comes to choosing the best socks for chilblains, it’s important to prioritize warmth, insulation, and not have socks that impair the

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Treating Plantar Plate Tears

Plantar plate tears or dysfunction are a common cause of metatarsalgia in the ball of the foot. It typically causes pain under the ball of the foot, especially under the 2nd metatarsophalangeal joint that can also cause that weird sensation like a scrunched up sock sensation when the sock is not. When standing it is

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Are the Circulation Boosters any good?

The circulation boosters are products which you come across extensively offered in TV advertisements as well as infomercials and print media with assertions that they can increase and enhance the circulation. You also see a lot of celebrity endorsements for this kind of device. The assertions that get made are usually made with care since

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