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Can I get arch supports for my ballet flats?

Ballet flats really are a unique shoe type prompted from the shoes used by ballerinas. By design these footwear have become minimalist. They do very little for the foot apart from cover the foot and come in an array of interesting designs. Additionally, they tend to be rather snug fitting that can help the footwear

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Is foam rolling helpful for heel pain?

Plantar heel pain is easily the most prevalent orthopedic condition observed by foot doctors. It is an inflammation and also degeneration of the plantar fascia that is a long ligament that supports the mid-foot (arch) of the feet. The typical symptoms are soreness under the heel and more intense pain on arising from rest, especially

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Managing Chilblains

Chilblains are a relatively prevalent problem when the weather is cooler. These are a painful and itchy reaction of the small arteries in the toes to the changes in temperature. They cause a painful red lesion, which later turns into a dark blue color when they become chronic. They have recently been receiving some extra

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