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What is a Joplins Neuroma?

A Joplin’s Neuroma or neuritis is a pinching or entrapment of what’s called the inside plantar digital nerve. This particular nerve supplies sensation on the medial aspect and parts of the top and underside on the big toe. This specific entraped nerve was first identified b y Joplin in 1971 in three patients that took

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What are the toe straighteners used for?

There are numerous items and gadgets which have been made to assist with correcting the toes and improving their alignment if you have a problem. Toe straighteners are one particular such gadget that you can use to manage foot and toe connected conditions, especially those relevant to alignment and deformities. Toe straighteners are items that

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What socks should you wear if you get chilblains on the feet?

Chilblains are a condition characterized by red, itchy, and swollen skin caused by cold exposure. The best treatment is to use a good cream and use socks that keep the feet warm. When it comes to choosing the best socks for chilblains, it’s important to prioritize warmth, insulation, and not have socks that impair the

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