What is the best foot cream for dry skin?

How our skin on the feet responds to a particular cream is very variable, so it is hard to recommend one that might be the best for you. What foot cream that works well for one person will not work well for the next person. It is important that those with dry skin do apply a cream to moisturize the skin as there are complications such as cracks in the skin that may develop. These cracks can become infected. For this reason those with dry skin do need to apply a cream to re-hydrate the dried out skin.

As it is hard to recommend one particular cream as the response is to variable, it is often a good idea to start with the urea based creams as the research has shown that there is a deficiency of urea in the epidermis in almost everyone who has dry skin. It would make sense to start with these urea based creams to see how the skin on your feet respond to them before trying some other types of creams if it does not help. This will involve a bit of trail and error to get it right and find the cream that best suits the skin on your feet.

The urea creams have two different effects, depending on the concentration. Less than around 20% (ie 15%) the creams is helpful to help the skin retain moisture. Above 20% (ie 25%) the urea cream is more helpful at getting rid of the dryer looser skin. As with any dry skin cream, it has to be used. There is no point in getting a good cream but it will not do a lot of you did not use it. The cream should be used several times a day and at least daily after that once the skin has improved.